From restaurant to food manufacturer

FLM food ingredients has all the necessary in-house knowledge and technology in the field of preserved mushrooms. That is why we can provide the perfect solution for every need. In addition, all our mushroom products are produced according to the highest international standards for food safety and traceability. That is why we have customers all over the world, from major food manufacturers to, for example, restaurants.


Adding flavour to the food industry

Our mushrooms are a flavourful ingredient of the products of large and small food processing companies around the world. These include the largest producers of soups, sauces, pizzas, baby foods, salads and ready-to-eat meals.

Meeting specific needs

We do what it takes to meet specific customer needs. If necessary, we will adapt our process to deliver products that are tailored to your demand. We can even develop products in the form you desire. And of course, we are happy to support you in optimising your own processes, to ensure that our mushrooms achieve their full potential.

FLM food ingredients supplies various specially developed mushroom products to industrial pizza manufacturers. A result that is visually attractive, and minimal syneresis (moisture separation) are key features.

Soups and sauces
For industrial processors of soups and sauces, FLM food ingredients have developed process techniques that control the enzymatic activity in the mushroom so that it does not cause a change in viscosity of the soup or sauce.

Industrial processors of ready-meals place great value on the microbiological standards of raw materials. Because our mushrooms are blanched extremely quickly, FLM food ingredients is able to achieve lower bacteriological values than previously possible.

Baby food
Low microbiological values are also very important when it comes to baby food. Moreover, growers are not allowed to use pesticides. FLM food ingredients communicates intensively with its growers, monitors stringently and ensures clear traceability and optimal hygienic production.

Mushrooms are a much-loved flavoursome addition to snacks such as meat-stuffed products, mushroom croquettes, or baguettes. Thanks to our sophisticated cutting techniques we are able to supply mushrooms with the perfect cut for any snack.

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Quality and ease of use for foodservice

The highest quality in mushrooms, ready to use. Packed and preserved in a way that ensures perfect ease of use for you as well as the best experience for your customers. From thin slices with little syneresis (moisture separation) for pizzas, to whole mushrooms or blanched mushrooms, frozen, in cans or in buckets, for the preparation of a wide range of meals.

Tailored to your needs

How can we help you to get our mushrooms to your guests’ plates with more efficiency and flavour? We are always thinking of ways to better match our products to your needs.

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