Combination of knowledge and experience

Although FLM food ingredients is a young company, we can build on extensive practical experience. FLM food ingredients was started, when three renowned suppliers of mushrooms to the food industry were merged. FLM is currently made up of three companies: Freezitt, Lo-Litt and Marque. As a result, we can provide our customers with a full range of mushroom products, packaging and preserving techniques.

From frozen mushrooms to a complete product range

Freezitt was founded in 2006, and focused on freezing mushrooms and special (niche) vegetable products. Following the acquisition of parts of other renowned mushroom processing companies, FLM food ingredients was created in 2010, boasting a full range of preserved mushroom products.

All specialisations combined in a single company

The three companies that FLM food ingredients is made up of all have their own specialisations. Freezitt focuses on frozen products, Lo-Litt on pasteurised mushrooms in polybags and blanched mushrooms in boxes, and Marque on canned sterilised mushrooms and blanched mushrooms in buckets and boxes. FLM has now become a world player that exports to all continents.

Recent developments

Since the start of FLM food ingredients, we are have continued to invest in innovation and are constantly improving our processes. In 2015 we built a completely new factory in Ittervoort for the production of pasteurised mushrooms in polybags. In order to better meet our customers’ needs, we took over F&F Europe BV (a producer of frozen mushrooms and bean sprouts) in 2016.