Latest production line
Our newest factory focuses on the production of pasteurised mushrooms in polybags and blanched mushrooms in boxes. Since the opening of Lo-Litt in 2015 we have continued to optimise techniques and production processes. Constant and improved quality, durability and efficiency are always top of our list. The result: a state-of-the-art production facility with a very high degree of automation, allowing us to efficiently respond to your wishes.

Sustainability & energy conservation
Energy conservation has played a central role in the development of the factory. As a result, we have taken important steps in the field of sustainability during each phase of production and storage.

Continuing to take the lead
FLM food ingredients is determined to continue being a frontrunner in the food-industry. We are therefore constantly innovating and equiping our plants with the latest technology. Because we want to assist our customers in the development of a ‘Clean Label Range’, we have invested to be able to be able to produce various kinds of pasteurised mushrooms for Clean Label.