Our mushrooms: real champions!

Fresh mushrooms are the basis for all our products. Each and every one of them is processed just a few hours after they are harvested, and carefully conserved or frozen. In this way the product is kept in perfect condition, and as close as possible to its original flavour and nutritional value.

Strict requirements for growers
FLM food ingredients only works with a limited number of selected growers in the Netherlands. We maintain close ties with the entire supply chain. In this way we are able to strictly monitor quality and food safety, and ensure clear traceability and optimal hygienic production. This intensive collaboration throughout the chain enables us to implement your specific requirements, such as microbiological wishes, from the start of the production process.

Strict rules for the use of pesticides
Our growers use virtually no pesticides; this is monitored and certified by GlobalGap. As a result, our raw materials meet the highest international standards for pesticides and heavy metals.

The Netherlands: mushroom country
The Netherlands is a real mushroom country, with high-quality knowledge and centuries of experience in mushroom growing. FLM food ingredients is still building on those traditions today. The Dutch mushroom industry is still a frontrunner in the field of food safety and automation.

Not only are mushroom delicious – they are also counted among the superfoods, due to their extraordinary vitamin, mineral and other nutrients content. They increase energy levels, boost the immune system and help to prevent all kinds of ailments. And the beauty is that they can be enjoyed without restriction, as they are very low in calories. FLM food ingredients’ careful preservation techniques ensure that all these special qualities are kept intact.

Development stages

It goes without saying that mushrooms are available in a wide variety of qualities. Below is an overview of the development stages of our mushrooms. This should give you a good impression of the possibilities. The development stage determines the most appropriate use; possible cut, quality and price.

Slice thicknesses according to quality