Blanched mushrooms in boxes
Your mushrooms are ready for immediate use and are the closest you can get to fresh mushrooms.

Tailored to your needs
Rather than simply supply mushrooms in boxes from stock, our supply is always tailored to the specifications we have previously agreed on with you. We will be pleased to advise you about the quality that best suits your needs. Do you have special requirements? We are happy to develop products in the desired quality or packaging in consultation with you.


7 days


570 kg gross 330 kg drained

Product overview

Coarse cut, hotel quality or extra thinly sliced? We deliver your blanched mushrooms in boxes exactly according to the specifications of your preference. This product overview offers an idea of the possibilities.



Hotel quality


Extra thin (Pizza 4mm)

Packaging options

We can deliver blanched mushrooms in both plastic boxes and wooden pallet boxes.