Sterilised canned mushrooms
Canned mushrooms combine a closest to fresh experience with a very long shelf life. The product is freshly sterilised, making it suitable for industrial processing and foodservice.

Tailored to your needs
We will deliver your canned mushrooms not just out of stock but always tailored according to specifications agreed with you in advance. We will be pleased to advise you about the cutting and packaging methods that best suit your needs. If you have special requirements, we are happy to develop products in the desired shape or packaging in consultation with you.


3 year

room temperature

3, 4 or 5 liter

Product overview

Whole or halved mushrooms? We deliver your sterilised canned mushrooms exactly according to the specifications of your preference. This product overview offers an idea of the possibilities.


Our sliced mushrooms are also available in extra thin pizza cut.

1st choice


Pieces & stems


whole buttons




Packaging options

We can deliver mushrooms in three can sizes and with various drained weight options, with or without trays. With FLM or VitaChamp label or if desired, under your own label.


FLM Label

VitaChamp Label

Private Label