Frozen mushrooms
The latest IQF technology enables us to freeze each individual mushroom lightning fast, within 24 hours of harvesting. This optimally preserves their taste, texture and shape for up to 24 months. This enables you to process high-quality mushrooms year round.

Tailored to your needs
Rather than simply supply frozen mushrooms from stock, our supply is always tailored to the specifications we have previously agreed on with you. If you have special requirements, we can develop products in the desired form or packaging in consultation with you. We will be pleased to advise you about the cutting and packaging methods that best suit your needs.

blanched & un-blanched

< 24 months

- 18˚C

small packaging, boxes & octabins

Product overview

Halved or whole mushrooms? Cubed or sliced? Finely, coarsely or granulate? And do you prefer them blanched, unblanched or scalded? The possibilities are as varied as our customers. This product overview offers an idea of the possibilities.


Our mushroom slices are available in several slice thicknesses, varying from 3,5mm up to 12,5mm.

CAP 20|30

CAP 20|35

CAP 20|40

CAP 20|45

CAP 20|45

CAP 30|50

CAP 30|60

CAP 30|80


CAP 20|30

CAP 20|35

CAP 20|40

half and quarter cut

CAP 20|45

CAP 20|45


6x6x8 mm

10x10x6 mm

10x10x10 mm

12x12x10 mm

Others: up to 28mm

granulate | fines

small <10 mm

medium <15 mm

large <22 mm

Packaging options

We pack our products in a way that offers the best ease of use for you. We can deliver our frozen mushrooms in cartons, octabins or foil packaging, in your preferred dimensions.