Packaging solutions
Besides our IQF services, we also offer different re-packaging options for IQF products. Our high quality standards ensure optimal taste, texture and shape for up to 24 months after packaging. This enables you to make the most of your IQF products.

Tailored to your needs
We offer a wide range of packaging assortment, ranging from small bags (450g) to bulk  (630kg).
Want to add even more value to your product? We also offer several coating options and knowledge on cryogenic tumbling.

small packaging, boxes & octabins
<24 months
- 18˚C
several coating options possible


Our packaging facility offers many advantages:

  • Texture and taste: the closest you’ll get to fresh produce
  • Processing in controlled environment, so high quality is guaranteed
  • Produced according to the highest standards in food safety and traceability


  • High tech production process
  • Easy to dose because of IQF technique
  • Wide variety of packaging options
  • Both own label and private label packaging possible

Packaging options

We re-pack your products in a way that offers the best quality and ease of use for you. We offer packaging from bulk to cartons, or even cartons to foil packaging in your preferred dimensions.


5kg, 10kg, 12kg, 40lbs

PE bags

450g, 500g, 600g,
750g, 1.000g, 2.500g