Pasteurised mushrooms in polybags
Refrigerated, pasteurised mushrooms in polybags are ready for immediate use. This preservation and packing method ensures a long shelf life and excellent preservation of appearance, consistency and flavour.

Tailored to your needs
Rather than simply supply mushrooms in polybags from stock, our supply is always tailored to the specifications we have previously agreed on with you. We will be pleased to advise you about the cutting and packaging methods that best suit your needs. If you have special requirements, we are happy to develop products in the desired shape or packaging in consultation with you. If you are developing a clean label assortment, for instance, we can deliver pasteurised mushrooms that are suitable for your clean label products.


6 months

2-7 ˚C

15 kg net 10 kg drained

Product overview

Whole mushrooms, slices, cubes or another cut? We deliver mushrooms in polybags, exactly tailored to your preferred specifications. This product overview offers an idea of the possibilities.

whole buttons

Mini 15-20mm

Small 20-25mm


Small pizza cut

Button, small <35mm

Closed <45mm

Industry quality <35mm

Pieces & stems <45mm

Large <65mm

other cuts

Double cut

Triple cut


Product information

Packaging options

We pack your products based on your specific wishes. We can deliver mushrooms in polybags in pallet boxes, cardboard boxes or plastic crates.